Experience the true meaning of Korea’s soul
Welcome to ANJU

ANJU, a Korean term for dishes served with alcohol, is our statement in redefining a more elegant Korean cuisine experience.
With a carefully curated list of bottles, directly imported from Korean distilleries, enjoy a modern Korean dining and bar experience at the heart of Singapore.
Be better than
“Green Bottles”
This has always been the core of our philosophy.
As a country that is famed for its drinking culture, Soju is the first name that comes to most people’s minds when they think of Korean Alcohol. We wanted to break free from this old world culture and introduce an unique Korean selection, new even to some Koreans.
Our Head Chef Kim has created a modern and contemporary Korean menu that pairs exceptionally well with all of our drinks.
It’s time to evolve from Soju and here at Anju, we are excited to take you through a new adventure and experience Korea’s true soul.